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The Value of Talent

Purpose – Mission - Vision

Purpose: To help leaders create organizations where employees work in tune with their talents.

Mission: Recognize, value, develop, and effectively engage employee talents in satisfying and meaningful work.

Vision: Every employee uses their talents in work that brings them energy, joy, and self-confidence.

Work Colleagues

My Talent Philosophy

A tuning fork, when struck, resonates with a pure tone. A tuning fork is symbolic for how talent lives within us. An employee who is provided the opportunity to utilize their talents in their role is working in harmony with their abilities. This harmony helps to create great outcomes for the employee, the team, and the organization.

Everyone has inherent natural talents they have been gifted. Other knowledge and talents have been developed through training, education, and experience. Using our talents in the work we do each day helps make our work resonate. When we work in a role that allows us to use our inherent talents and our grown talents, work brings joy, satisfaction, and meaningful success. When we work in a role that requires us to work outside of our talents, we expend more energy with fewer positive results.

"Dena has a unique talent for creating structure and an easy to follow playbook around culture, employee engagement and communication.  She provides clear and meaningful steps that allow an organization to make the recommendations their own and grow their employees."

Julie Kaminski

Chief Operating Officer

Immanuel Communities

Omaha, NE

"I got the privilege of working with Dena Stevenson and her company TunedIn To Talent for our Leadership Development courses over the past year. Dena is very easy to work with and showed great enthusiasm in our business objectives. Dena’s passion for helping our leadership team went above and beyond. She took the time to meet with several of our leaders and staff members to “lean” into what our current culture is like, to have a better understanding on how to develop our team to the next level. Dena was able to put a unique personalized development opportunity together for our team. We worked together seamlessly, and she was always open to feedback and a new challenge."

Shannon Weinmann

Director Human Resources

Community Medical Center, Inc.

Falls City, NE

"TunedIn To Talent helped us to develop a framework to provide feedback to our customers regarding their team's effectiveness in our escape rooms.  TTT helped us to zero in on 3 key areas: strategy, communications and teamwork and provided insights to our gamemasters on what behaviors to note and how best to facilitate the follow-up discussions with the customer's teams in a positive manner.  The framework and training provides us with a competitive advantage in offering effective team-building experiences for our customers."

Juli Comstock

House of Conundrum

Omaha, NE

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