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Senior Businesswoman

My Consulting Approach

The mindset and measuring stick that commonly exists for career growth, pay growth, and ongoing career development is a “move up” mindset. This “move up” mindset often requires employees to move out of the work that resonates with their talents into a role that may not be a fulfilling or good fit for their talents.

As I work with organizations, leaders, teams, and individual performers, I focus on helping each individual and team to tune into their talents, their flow, their high-performance moments. This is where they can achieve excellence. This is where they will be energized and engaged. This is where they will find satisfying success.

My Coaching Mindset

Leaders who know themselves, manage their emotions for the greater good, and who enjoy working with people and all their inherent messiness are leaders who will create outstanding work experiences and whose teams will deliver desired business results. My coaching focuses on growing these skills and talents in the leaders I work with one on one.

I help leaders tune into their leadership possibilities by helping them explore the following questions in my coaching:

1. Does your team have a clear definition of success?

2. Do your team members know what daily success looks like in their roles?

3. Are clearly defined performance expectations communicated regularly?

4. Does an employee who is struggling have enough trust to tell you?

5. What is your mindset concerning errors or mistakes?

6. Do you know your employees’ personal stories?

7. What approach do you use to communicate information?

8. Do you value team building?

9. Do you encourage innovation?

10. Do you value continuous learning? How do you promote it on your team?


These questions help to focus the goals for coaching and provide measures of success for a coaching engagement.

Values that Drive My Approach

Leading with Humility

Relationship Building

Community Making

Championing Innovation over Status Quo

Continuous Learning and Development

Making a Difference

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