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Cutting Edge Services

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Strategic Leadership

Change Management

Whether you are undertaking small or large business change, effective change management efforts require addressing the heart, the mind, and the tactics. Research tells us 70% of change efforts fail. Dena utilizes the simplicity of the William Bridges Transition Model partnered with a robust plan to help you achieve success with the emotions, mindset, and the tactics of change.

Culture Building

Organizational culture influences the daily work environment. Culture building requires an intentional and planned movement focused on building an atmosphere where employees feel valued and look forward to contributing each day. Dena can assist you with ensuring the values, expectations, and practices experienced each day at work are in alignment with your purpose and intentions.

Internal Communication

Employees want to be informed. Lack of communication is a common complaint from employees. Often, we underestimate the needed repetition and multiple channels required to keep information flowing. Dena can assist you in creating an effective internal communication plan, where frequent and innovative conversations ensure employees consistently feel they are heard and well-informed.

Talent Engagement


As a coach, Dena serves as an objective listener, talent focused partner, and client-centered guide who helps leaders, teams, and individuals explore talent potential, increase self-awareness, and strive for continuous development. The foundation of each coaching engagement is built on mutual respect and includes client driven goal setting and meaningful measurements of success.

Employee Experience

Employee experiences drive the perceptions an employee has of working in your organization. Dena can help you build an effective continuum of employee experience which begins with the hiring process, accelerates through on boarding, and is reinforced daily through values, practices, and expectations. Dena’s goal is to serve as a partner who listens to employees and empowers leaders to create an environment which resonates with well-being, satisfaction, and success.


Team Building

Teamwork is powerful. Dena can facilitate team discovery sessions which assist the group in coming together, establishing a shared focus, and planning for healthy collaboration. These sessions help team members understand the unique value everyone brings to the collective group while addressing barriers to a trusting, committed, and accountable approach to teamwork

Business Discussion
A couple at a business meeting

Talent Growth

Career Development

The newest generation joining the workforce values growth and development over more traditional rewards or benefits. Does your organization offer a clear path for competency development and personal growth? Dena can help you shape a strategy for career development in key areas of your talent mix so that the path to growth and development is clearly established, understood, and promoted.

Performance Management

Disliked equally by managers and employees, annual reviews look back at performance measures that can no longer be changed or improved upon. Employees struggle to find fairness or value in the process. Dena can help you design a performance management strategy that is forward looking and helps employees feel valued, motivated, and confident in knowing how they can contribute to success.

Talent Blueprint

An organization which knows what talent they require, what talent they can develop, and anticipates long term talent needs has a strong foundation for building an effective workforce. Dena can help you identify your talent gaps, diagnose your talent challenges, and adequately prepare for the ever changing future needs for talent at your organization.

Other Services

Custom Curriculum Design

Seeking customized content that reflects your organization, your culture, and your approach? Partner with Dena to design custom learning curriculum to meet your unique business needs.


Preparing for strategic planning? Working on a project plan? Holding an important or difficult discussion? Dena can provide facilitation services to ensure conversations stay on track, respectful, and achieve desired outcomes.

Organizational Diagnosis

Are you experiencing obstacles to success, challenges to teamwork, or disconnects with business goals? Dena can help you identify opportunities for improvement through workplace observations and purposeful conversations. Her recommendations will provide a variety of options for you to put into practice to improve results


TunedIn To Talent partners with House of Conundrum to assist with Corporate Team Development programming. You can check out their website below.

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